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Here you will find a little note about each teacher and a book now button to view their schedule. The beauty of this collective is you can support each teacher individually by booking and paying for classes directly with them, therefore any drop in classes, memberships or class packages purchased are for each teacher separately. Each teacher will have classes ranging from different styles, lengths of class, and how you can join, whether in-person or live stream. 

Thank you for being a part of the evolution of our collective, we hope you enjoy it! We are all eager to support each other by offering yoga to our community in a new way. 

Amy Raupach

Amy Raupach is a friendly, dedicated, focused and certified teacher of yoga. Her eighteen years of teaching are steeped in yogic traditions, philosophy and asana with a blend of modern poetry, anatomy and yogic styles. All her classes, be it Ashtanga, Hatha, SATYA..., are taught through a seasonal lens and attune the body and mind framework to the life and nature around us. 

Amy offers classes Monday - Friday. Join her live or in person. Book below!


Kathryn Harpold 



Retired Firefighter

Mother of Two

Soon to be Grammy


While I have been practicing for this moment my whole life, I have been practicing yoga seriously since 2016. I believe in living in the moment and being present in our daily lives and personal interactions.  Yoga has been a powerful tool, which has helped me, recover from injury, and maintain health and strength both physically and mentally. It has been a great way for me to reduce stress, develop friendships and build community.

I particularly love a good sweaty, challenging vinyasa class and enjoy creating flows that are accessible to the newest yogi while providing a great platform for the more experienced yogi to add their own special sauce.

I also enjoy laughing and silliness and keep the atmosphere lite and fun. If you can’t laugh at yourself in yoga class…

MaryAnngeline Beanie Pic.JPG

MaryAnngeline Medenas

E-RYT-500 & M.F.A in Dance

Hi, my name is MaryAnngeline and I am a yoga and dance teacher with a love of flow.


I am an E-RYT 500 with a Master's in Dance. I love fluid creative movement and transitions to aid in understanding the body deeper than the external. My motto is breath, awareness, balance and versatility in movement.

Currently I am teaching flow style classes and meditations a few days a week. I would love for you to take a class with me.


Click book now to see my schedule and sign up!


Rory Lynn Church


Exercise has always played an important role in my life. From an early age I was drawn to anything aquatic because I felt graceful in the water; later in life I found that same grace in movement through yoga, with its fluidity and endless options for expression inspiring me every day. My first studio as a student in Brooklyn allowed me to experience beauty in motion with yoga and yoga fusion, while connecting me more deeply with a rich and diverse community. After moving back to Benicia I was ecstatic to find a passionate yoga community-- the community through BYH has seen me through so many important life changes, including the transition from student to teacher. I love the energetic power yoga can have and its corresponding softness and surrender in poses. I strive to lead classes that strike a balance, leaving students feeling accomplished as well as peaceful. 


Kay Andrade

Kay started her yoga journey in 1998 while pregnant with her daughter.  She practiced off and on until an injury in 2015 left her with a broken back.  To help with her recovery, she decided to dive deeper into her practice.  She completed her teacher training and has been teaching since 2016.


Kay loves to incorporate classic rock music into her classes that include an athletic vinyasa and balancing poses.


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Benicia, CA