our live virtual classes feel more like a real class than you might expect. keep your camera on to make it even more real! your teacher will be able to see your beautiful self, your fellow yogis will be able feel your presence and we will allow you some time before and after class to chat, just like old times! we all need human connections, and if there is anything we are learning from these moment of chaos, it is just how connected we really all are and finding creative ways to be.

how to sign up for LIVE zoom classes...

•    prior to your first class, download the ZOOM app for desktop or mobile.

•    login to your mindbody online account and make sure your email address is current.

•    register for class through your mindbody account at 30 minutes before class start time.

•    you will receive an email 15 minutes before class start time with the link and password to access class via live stream on ZOOM.

•     let's flow in the comfort and safety of your own home with your favorite teachers!


can they see me practicing?

totally up to you! we would love to see you move, breath and flow, as would your fellow yogis, video ON, but feel free to turn video OFF if you choose to practice in privacy.

can i change the view so i am only seeing the teacher?

“speaker” view allows you to follow the teacher, while “gallery” view will show other students in the class.

can i ask questions during the practice?

when you enter the virtual classroom, your microphone will be muted. if for some reason you need to alert the teacher, you have the ability to “unmute” yourself.

what happens if my class feed suddenly stops?

its rare, but if this does happen stay in the virtual classroom and the stream should resume once the problem is navigated by our host.

can you help me with technical issues?

we will attempt to provide minimal technical assistance before class start time. we won’t be able to stop class to help you if you are having trouble. if you have had a difficult experience with your virtual class, please email us to help remedy the situation.

how do i pay for my live ZOOM classes?

we are offering VIRTUAL YOGA CLASS passes for $15 per class. registration for live ZOOM classes will take place on our mindbody online platform.

what should i do if i have a membership?

all yoga junkie memberships have been paused as of 3.16.20, with an opened ended activation date.

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